Microsoft Windows 10 End-of-Life

Microsoft announced the end-of-life date for the Windows 10 Operating System as October 14, 2025. After this date, no further updates or security patches will be available for Windows 10. UIS Information Technology Services has developed the following plan to upgrade to Windows 11.

The release of Windows 11 brought with it more stringent modern hardware requirements as it introduces new security features. Older devices (devices purchased in 2018 or earlier) may not be compatible with the upgrade to Windows 11, necessitating a replacement of the device.

Why are we doing this?

These actions are being taken to ensure all devices comply with the UIS ITS standard, ensuring devices are running a supported version of an operating system which continues to receive security patches and updates.

What is the time line?

Phase 1:

ITS will begin working with departments and individual staff if they are using devices that are not compatible with Windows 11.  The intent is to help develop a plan for hardware replacement that fits into the budget for FY 24/25 and FY 25/26.

In addition, all new Windows devices provided by ITS will have Windows 11 installed.

Any devices that require re-installation of the operating system and are able to support the upgrade to Windows 11, will be upgraded to Windows 11 with the reinstall process.

Phase 2:

ITS will be following up on edge cases and other situations that require a more planned approach, and deal with any devices that require manual intervention. Beginning October 2024, ITS will start scanning the UIS network for devices that have not already been identified as needing to be upgraded. Person(s) responsible will be contacted and a plan will need to be developed to move them forward prior to Windows 10 End-of-Life.

The intent is to have all managed desktops and laptops running Windows 10 to be upgraded to Windows 11 or retired by September 2025, in advance of the end-of-life date.

Phase 3:

After Windows 10 End-of-Life, October 14, 2025, ITS will begin actively blocking devices not in compliance from using the UIS Network.

What do you need to do?

ITS Provided Equipment

If you have a computer provided to you under the Desktop Refresh Program (DRP) and your device is identified as being incompatible with Windows 11, It will be replaced before the October 2025 deadline. With DRP lifecycle/replacement, your device will either already be compatible with Windows 11 or your device will be replaced with a Windows 11 compatible device.

Department Purchased Equipment

If you have a computer purchased by your department or a refurbished computer from ITS, it’s possible that it may not be compatible with Windows 11. Below under “Windows 11 Compatibility”, you can find some quick/easy ways to determine whether your device will be compatible. The recommendation is that if you have an older piece of equipment, you should consider budgeting a replacement device before October 2025. Please contact Jason Noyes for quotes and compatibility checks.  At this time, ITS does not anticipate having inventory to replace non-compatible department issued devices.

Windows 11 Compatibility

Not all devices are compatible with Windows 11. If you have any questions about compatibility, please reach out with the model number of the PC to You can check Dell laptops and desktops by visiting the Dell computers tested for update to Windows 11 Knowledge Base Article


Future Planning – Devices Unsupported by Windows 11


What to do with devices that cannot run Windows 11:

  • Devices must be retired before October 14, 2025
  • Windows 10 devices will be removed from the network and will not function after October 14, 2025.
  • If you have stored devices for later use please plan to surplus those as well.
  • ITS will help with quotes for purchasing replacement computers. Please contact



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