Zoom Alternative Hosts

  • Alternative Hosts can be listed when scheduling a Zoom meeting.
  • Set back up participants as Alternative Hosts just in case the scheduling Host is unable to attend. This allows others to start meetings if necessary, or if the meeting doesn’t depend on the original Host.
  • IMPORTANT: If the meeting is not dependent on the scheduling Host, it is best practice to designate Alternative Hosts during the scheduling of a meeting or have Join Before Host enabled. Meetings will not begin if the scheduled Host is unable to attend, there are no Alternative Hosts listed, and Join Before Host is disabled.
  • In the case of the scheduling Host being absent, the first Alternative Host to join the meeting will assume the role of Host.
  • The scheduling Host can reclaim host controls by going to the Participants list and select ‘Reclaim Host’. Or, the person with the Host role can assign the Host role back to the intended Host, and revert to a participant. In either scenario, the Host can always assign a Co-Host role to any participant.
  • In a Webinar, if the Host is reclaimed (or reassigned), the person leaving the Host role will become a Panelist. The new Host can assign any Panelist a Co-Host role to facilitate managing the participants and starting the recording.
  • Visit Zoom Support for Alternative Hosts for more information.
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