UNIX Accounts

UNIX Accounts

How to logon to your uisacad account

To establish a remote connection to your account on uisacad we suggest that you use a Secure Shell program. The easy way for connecting in this manner on Windows PCs is using Putty. Download a copy of Putty for Windows


From a Windows PC

  1. Click on Start on the Windows task bar (bottom left corner) and select Run.
  2. Type: putty
  3. Enter uisacad.uis.edu for the Host Name, Connection Type is SSH
  4. When prompted, enter your login name (NetID) and Password.
  5. After you successfully login, you will be in your home directory on uisacad.
  6. To exit from your account, enter exit at the prompt.


From a Macintosh  (OS 10.X and later)

The standard Secure Shell program for OS X is Terminal.

  1. Open Finder:Applications:Utilities.
  2. At the prompt, Enter ssh uisacad.uis.edu.
  3. When prompted, enter your login name (NetID) and Password.
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