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Below is an outline for benefits to students when using Gradescope.
The Grade Center in Blackboard needs to have an accurate External Grade marked to export grades properly into Banner. This article contains the solutions to common grade center problems.
The Export Grade tool allows instructors to export grades to Banner. This tool can be found under Course Tools in the left navigation bar.
Blackboard can be used by any UIC instructor to enter and manage students' grades. There are different ways grades can be entered in Blackboard's Grade Center.
The results for the survey can be viewed by going into the column statistics for the survey grade column.
In order to see the horizontal bar, System Preferences on a Mac have to be changed.
The column may be hidden. Hidden columns can be shown again by using the Column Organization feature.
Original Course View
Assignment attempts can be seen by clicking the chevron in the cell and clicking Attempts.
Smart Views can be made by going into the Grade Center, hovering the mouse over Manage, and then clicking Smart Views.
Gradescope helps instructors administer and grade assessments, whether online or in-class and allows saving time grading while getting a clearer picture of how students are learning.
UIC has an institutional license to Gradescope that allows all instructors and TAs to log in to Gradescope using your UIC credentials.
Gradescope is integrated with Blackboard. An account will be created for you automatically the first time you use Gradescope.
The grade book can be accessed by clicking the Grades tab in the navigation bar.
The gradebook can be downloaded and used offline.
Inline grading has been updated with a new tool called Bb Annotate which can be used to post annotations to student assignment submissions in the Grade Center. Bb Annotate has replaced Box View. The tool is available when viewing most student assignment submissions.