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Standard checkout is three business days, and a checkout can be renewed one time for an additional three business days.
You must physically return to the checkout location with the equipment in hand for inspection and present a valid UIC iCard to renew the checkout.
Failure to return equipment by the due date and time will result in late return fines, in addition to a hold being placed on borrower's account, preventing further equipment checkout until the equipment is returned and for a one (1) week period afterward. This penalty will be extended for any repeat offenses.
You may only check out one of each type of device at a time.
The Technology Solutions Extended Laptop Loan program is funded by the student Library/IT Assessment. There is no additional cost for this service to Technology SolutionsELL recipients.
Checking out equipment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Chromebooks and laptops are available for loan from Technology Solutions for UIC students that are in need of one in order to continue with their studies.