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To print to Wepa from your personal device, follow these instructions:
Print jobs are not charged until they have successful printed, meaning the need for a refund is significantly reduced. If you do experience poor print quality or some other need for a refund, Wepa processes your refund request directly.
Wepa supports guest printing, but you will need to create a Wepa account.
Wepa offers multiple options for printing:
Your laptop can be configured to print to the UIC Wepa printers.
Discussion boards can be printed by going to the messages, placing checkmarks in the boxes next to the message, and clicking Print Preview.
Printing a PDF file can be slow, but here are some general tips to ensure a quick print job:
The Pharos Popup Client for Apple requires some configuration before use.
Requests for internal managed printing services are currently on hold while Technology Solutions completes the conversion of student printing services to Wepa and evaluates a new financial model for the Pharos U-Print service. We expect to be able to receive and process new requests in late 2020.
Explains how to print PowerPoints with notes.
Printing quota balances are reset each semester and do not carry forward to the following semester.
A limited number of U-Print locations remain.
Wepa print stations are located all across campus!
The university provides a print quota. Once this is depleted, there are several options available to pay for additional printing.
The costs to print using Wepa at UIC are standard across the university.