Technology Solutions Finance: Purchase Order / Procurement FAQ

Technology Solutions Purchase Order FAQs

Note: There may be upcoming changes to iBuy that might affect the procurement and purchasing process with training near the end of the year.

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How do you submit an invoice or a credit memo?

  • Send invoices to and copy ACCCINVOICES@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU
  • For OBFS University Payables (UPAY)-related inquiries for purchase orders and invoices, questions and requests and be sent to and copy ACCCINVOICES@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU
  • Vendors should email invoices to


What are some things I should be aware of when sending invoices to University Payables (UPAY)?

  • C-FOAPAL code splits cannot be applied between State Funds and any other Funds.
  • When submitting invoices to OBFS University Payables (UPAY), they should be in a PDF or TIF file format and the vendor invoice should be unique and be 15 characters or less.
  • Vendor invoice and credit memo numbers should be unique as OBFS University Payables (UPAY) will not process invoices or credit memos with a vendor invoice number that is already in their system.
  • Purchase Orders on the state fund should be received by June 30th (End of the Fiscal Year to be Processed) and get invoiced and paid ideally by June 30th but can get paid until August 31st (End of the Academic Year).


Is there a process for dealing with consulting purchase orders?

Yes for consulting purchase orders it is best to:

  • 1. Verify hours worked and deliverables.
  • 2. Send invoice to ACCC invoices (ACCCINVOICES@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU) or attach the associated TDX ticket number to the Purchase Order and Invoice.
  • 3. If the PO amount needs to be increased:
    •     a. The manager should reach out to admin, letting us know of any additional charges


Procurement Purchase Order / Contracts Request Form


What are the guidelines for Business Meal expenses and CFOP?


Standing Purchase Orders Descriptions

  • Standing Purchase Orders in Banner may be issued for purchases that require no quantity or unit price (for example, miscellaneous lab supplies "as required"). The Standing Purchase Order has a commodity description and expenditure total, but no quantity total. iBuy does not provide Standing Purchase Order functionality at this time.
  • The Standing Purchase Order permits departments to place releases for commodities or services on an as-needed basis, via phone or other contact, without having to submit additional requisitions through the Purchasing Division. Since quantities are not specified, and the encumbrance is based on total dollar amount, departments do not have the option to request a Receipt against Standing Purchase Orders. Invoices received against Standing Purchase Orders are imaged, and payments are made according to the payment terms of the orders. Departments can access imaged invoices after payment, for reconciliation.
  • Individual invoices received for payment against Standing Purchase Orders must be paid from the CFOAPAL(s) assigned to it when it was established. Departments cannot change CFOAPAL(s) for each invoice received against a Standing Purchase Order. Although there is no Receiving for Standing Purchase Orders, any individual invoice in the amount of $50,000 or more requires an email approval from the department prior to payment, in lieu of Banner Receiving.
  • Limitations of a Standing Purchase Order:
    • Because a Standing Purchase Order indicates no quantity, departments do not have the option to request "Receiving" for these orders.
    • Fixed Assets should not be purchased using a Standing Purchase Order.
  • OBFS University Payables Standing Purchase Order Link: OBFS Standing Purchase Orders


How can I contact University Payables (UPAY) and see the status of the what date invoices and documents they are processing?

  • OBFS University Payables (UPAY) Customer Support Link: OBFS Customer Support
  • OBFS University Payables (UPAY) Status for Invoices, Chrome River Documents, and Vendor Information Forms Link: OBFS Status Page


What is the billing address for vendors?

Billing Address for Vendors:

University of Illinois
Invoice Processing Center
P.O. Box 820
Rantoul, IL 61866


Technology Solutions CFOP List

  • Technology Solutions CFOP List Link: TS CFOP
  • CFOP: Chart-Fund-Organization-Program


Description of Funds


Additional Resources:

OBFS iBuy FAQ / CFOP Splitting / Freight & Shipping Link: OBFS iBuy FAQ

OBFS Receipt Required Link: OBFS Receipt Required

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