Specialized Faculty Promotion Committee


The College Specialized Faculty Promotion Committee will consist of seven members, of which no more than two shall be from any one department. Four members will be tenured associate or full professors appointed by the departments, and three specialized faculty members will be elected as members-at-large by the specialized faculty. Committee members cannot vote at multiple levels and will be recused from review and vote on cases at the College level.  The Specialized Faculty Promotion Committee is advisory to the Dean and meets to evaluate and vote on the dossiers of specialized faculty each year, and as hiring needs necessitate. 

College Specialized Faculty Promotion Committee Members

College elected at-large members 2022-2024
Teaching Professor Denice Ward Hood, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Teaching Associate Professor Curtis Mason, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Teaching Assistant Professor Emily Tarconish, Special Education
Department appointed members 2023-2025
Associate Professor Hyun Kang, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership
Professor Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky, Special Education
Associate Professor Luc Paquette, Curriculum & Instruction
Professor Jinming Zhang, Educational Psychology

Dean Chrystalla Mouza, ex-officio
Amy Summers, staff



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