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I’m happy to announce the availability of two hoteling offices at Children’s Research Center for use by any COE faculty or staff member in need of temporary office space. Both are single offices equipped with a collaboration monitor, keyboard, mouse, lockable storage, and enough space to accommodate 1-2 guests. Please visit this Booking Page and follow the on-screen instructions to view availability and make reservations. Reservations can be made in one-, four-, or eight-hour increments; and with no minimum lead time (availability permitting).

A few possible examples of hoteling space usage include:

  • Stepping away from a shared space for a private call/meeting
  • Remote employees coming into the office
  • Working at CRC for the day, but have no dedicated workspace in the building
  • Temporary room for a visiting colleague

Additional features specific to these spaces:

  • Room 107
    • Contains a private bathroom
  • Room 143
    • Features a motorized standing desk, along with other COE Facilities recommended office furniture

Personal belongings can be secured inside the provided lockable drawers in the event a user needs to leave the room for a short time – keys will be kept on the desk in each room, attached to a 6-inch ruler to discourage any accidental take homes. Please make certain to leave the office door open and unlocked for the next person once the reservation is complete. We appreciate your assistance in maintaining maximum availability of this resource by only reserving the time(s) you intend to utilize the space, and by keeping reservation times up to date by editing/rescheduling/canceling as necessary via the link that is sent in the confirmation email with each appointment.

As always, feedback and questions can be sent to I am hopeful these rooms can serve as a test case for establishing additional hoteling space throughout the college.


Jeffry Royce
Assistant Director of Facilities

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