Education Room 372 Collaboration Area

Room 372 Education Building is now available for use as a hoteling/collaboration area. While COE graduate students are the primary user group for this space, we expect there will be other college users without a defined office location who will find use for this resource as well. If you are interested in utilizing this room, please make sure to read the information below in its entirety.



  • Entry door is programmed to remain unlocked whenever the Education Building is open.
  • Card swipe access has been granted to all COE grad students; as well as all faculty/staff with exterior access to the building.
    • Swipe will only be necessary outside of normal business hours.
  • No hard keys will be issued.
  • Please help us keep the area secure by closing the door if you are the last to leave.



  • The north end of 372 houses 12 workstations, each including:
    • Motorized standing desk
    • Office chair
    • Lockable storage
    • Collaboration monitor
    • Mouse & Keyboard
  • All workstations are available daily on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    • Workstations are shared by everyone.
    • If you are not actively using the workstation, please remove your belongings to make it available for others to use.
  • The blue lockable storage cabinets under each desk are intended to securely store personal items in the event you must walk away for a short time.
    • Please remember to return the key to the cabinet when finished.



  • The south end of 372 features lounge-style furniture to encourage a free form style of collaboration.



  • 370 is a smaller room nested within and accessible from 372, which includes:
    • Meeting space for up to 8 people (6 would be more comfortable).
    • Wall-mounted monitor with AppleTV.
  • Room availability can be checked in Outlook via calendar “Education 370”.
    • To reserve this room in advance, simply list “Education 370” in the location field of your appointment and you’ll see it in the pop-up options.
      • Make sure to include a brief description of your reservation along with your netID in the appointment title (see attached example).
    • If the room is not reserved, then it should be considered free to use.
  • Please keep the outer hallway door locked.



  • The central area of 372 contains 24 lockers intended for short-term storage.
  • Users create a 4-digit PIN with each use.
    • Lockers will automatically UNLOCK after 72 hours of inactivity.
  • The College of Education is not responsible for any lost or stolen items from these lockers.


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