Building Emergency Action Plans (BEAPs)

The Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP) is a document designed to assist building occupants with their emergency planning and response efforts. The BEAP includes but is not limited to:

  • Campus and building specific emergency communication systems
  • Definition of emergency management team members and/or emergency contact lists
  • Evacuation/shelter-in-place/lockdown procedures
  • Concept of operations for various types of emergency situations
  • Training and exercise schedule implementation

Since many COE employees have responsibilities in both the Education Building and Children's Research Center, an updated copy of each BEAP will remain available here in our Knowledge Base (KB). We encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with their relevant BEAP(s) and to download/print a copy at their discretion - please see the PDF files in the lower-right corner of this window. 

For those employees who teach, work, or regularly visit other buildings on campus: it’s very likely those buildings also have a BEAP. If you have questions about emergency plans for a particular building, contact the appropriate BEAP coordinator. If you don’t know who the BEAP coordinator is, contact Peyton Childress at or 217-333-1216.

Helpful and informative campus building floor plans can be accessed here: Building Emergency Action Plans - Public Safety (

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