Accessing Content Test Study Resources

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The Council on Teacher Education provides access to content test study resources for most content tests. These resources are available only for those on the campus network or on campus VPN.

If you receive an error trying to access the content study resources, check that the device your are using to access the study resources is using the campus WiFi or campus VPN.

If you are not on campus, you will need to use the campus VPN to access the study guide:

  1. Install the campus VPN software.
  2. Open the campus VPN software.
  3. Log into the campus VPN by
    1. Select the “Connect” button.  Cisco AnyConnect client Dialog box with "VPN: Ready to Connect." selected in the drop down and a connect button.
    2. In the login window, make sure that the Group is set to 3_TunnelAll.​​​​​​​ Login dialog box with three fields (Group, Username, and Password) and OK and Cancel buttons. The Group dropdown has option 3_TunnelAll selected.
    3. Use your campus netid for the Username and campus netid password for the password.
    4. Select the OK button.
  4. Proceed to the Mometrix study guides.

If you continue to have issues accessing the study guides, please submit a CoTE Help Request for assistance.

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