How do I update job titles, pictures, etc. for others?

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If you have administrator access to the Illinois Support Contact Application, you can update images, job titles, and other information. To get to the main page, go to Choose the office of the person you want to edit, scroll down, and choose Edit people in your office.

Note that any changes you make will take effect the next morning. 

Main Section

This allows you to edit their job-specific information.

  • Job Title: What their job title shows up as. Note that if a person has multiple jobs, the primary job shows up unless they are specifically looking at a job-specific page (for example, if Professor X has a primary job position in Ed Psych and a secondary job position in Special Education, their Ed Psych job title will show up unless they are looking at Special Education faculty information specifically. 
  • Category: Where the entry is -- are they listed as faculty, staff, emeritus, etc. Note that there is no difference between "Faculty" and "Core Faculty". 
  • Order: You can add specific people to the top of the list by marking them as "High", or mark them lower in the list by marking them as "Low". Again, this only applies if they are looking at a specific department. 

Once you have made the changes, click Update Job Profile Information

Picture and CV

You can update a person's Picture and CV from this area. These changes happen across the faculty or staff's entire profile. 

If you do not have a picture associated, you can use the attached "no picture attached" image. 

Pictures Requirements

Pictures need to be 292x244 pixels. You can use an image editor to crop it appropriately. 

Other Employee Details

This allows you to edit their employee information. 

  • Make Job-Specific Biography the Full Biography. Checking this box will overwrite their main biography with the job-specific biography. This will allow them to edit the biography that you have added. 
  • Preferred First Name: This is an alternative way to change their first name in the Education Profile. This allows diacritical marks. 
  • Preferred Last Name: This is an alternative way to change their last name in the Education Profile. This allows diacritical marks.
  • Preferred Pronouns: This allows them to add preferred pronouns. We have sample templates available, but you can add your own as needed. 

Once you have made changes, click on the Update Employee Information to save your changes.

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