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The College of Education has a variety of standing committees to advise the Dean and Associate Deans on specific issues, with committee reports due to the Dean’s Office in June of each academic year. As of 2022-2023, the following are the College’s standing committees:

Advisory to the Dean

  • Diversity, Equity and Multicultural Education (DEME) Committee
    The DEME Committee builds on our long tradition of excellence and our commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice. The committee evaluates ways in which a higher level of equity and social justice can be developed and fostered in the College and across the campus. DEME advises the dean on diversity and equity issues and it continues to evaluate mechanisms for accurately capturing faculty and staff diversity-related teaching, research, and service opportunities.

    2022-2023 DEME Membership
    Chris Napolitano, EPSY, Chair
    Rachel McMillian, C&I
    Melissa Goodnight, EPSY
    Theo Moton, ex officio
    Patrick Rice, EPOL
    Rachel Roegman, EPOL
    Jessica Hardy, SPED
    Erica Mason, SPED
    Amira Al-Mutairi, SAAO
    Hannah Valdiviejas Cohn, Grad Student EPSY
    Daniela Martinez, Undergrad Student
    Amy Summers, Dean's Office
    Kelly Fessler, Meeting Scheduling Staff
  • External Awards Committee
    The work of this committee builds the foundation for enhanced external recognition of the college’s faculty and their scholarly achievements.  This committee identifies external awards, honors, and recognitions to be targeted, conducts a thorough evaluation of award criteria, timing of communications, and nomination/selection process for targeted awards, honors, and recognition, and develops nominations, reaching out as necessary to secure letters of support. 

    2022-2023 External Awards Committee Membership
    Sarah McCarthey, C&I, Chair
    Yoon Pak, EPOL
    Kiel Christianson, EPSY
    Michelle Perry, SPED
    Chrystalla Mouza, ex officio
    Amy Summers, Staff
  • Faculty & Staff Awards Committee 
    This committee thoroughly evaluates college award criteria, timing of communications, and nomination/selection processes for College of Education award winners, including eligibility criteria, nomination processes, and award limits, and makes recommendations to the college leadership team for possible changes to policy or practice. Members work closely with the department awards committees to proactively seek out nominations from qualified faculty, staff, and students for college and campus awards. Members identify deserving College of Education nominees for campus undergraduate/graduate teaching awards, mentoring awards, and staff awards, and they review nominations and make selections and recommendations to the Dean.

    2022-2023 Faculty & Staff Awards Committee Membership
    Grace Oh, EPOL, Chair
    Giselle Martinez Negrette, C&I
    Yan Xia, EPSY
    Amber Ray, SPED
    Robyn DiPietro-Wells, SPED
    Meghan Peach, SPED
    Jewel Bourne, EPOL Doctoral Student
    Kate Connor, SPED Doctoral Student
    Danielle Ward, Staff
  • Online Programs Steering Committee
    This Committee establishes and broadly communicates written College policies related to online programs associated with the design, teaching, efficiencies, and administration of self-supporting programs.  It provides ongoing oversight of data dashboards, metrics, and evaluative materials that inform program sustainability and provides data for research of College online programs, and evaluates and increases marketability of existing degrees, certificates, endorsements, MOOCs, and courses, and recommends changes or discontinuation of programs not meeting projected targets.  The Committee evaluates proposed degrees, certificates, MOOCS, and summer courses that match market needs and our capacity, and it collaborates with the Academic Programs Committee as needed.  Additionally, it evaluates tuition rates and structures, issues associated with group rates, and proposes changes if needed.

    2022-2023 Online Programs Steering Committee Membership
    Hyun Kang, EPOL, Chair
    Luc Paquette, C&I
    Sharon Lee, EPOL
    Sam Lindgren, EPOL
    Justin Kern, EPSY
    Cheryl Light-Shriner, SPED
    Sarah Jones, IT Partners
    Jeremy Jones, IT Partners
    Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan, Ex-Officio
    Gina Manola, ex officio
    Karla Moller, ex officio
    Travis Giffin, Staff
  • Advisory Committee for Space & Buildings
    The Space Committee is advisory to the dean regarding the allocation of space utilized and/or managed by the College of Education. It identifies and documents current space allocations, reviews space survey results and makes recommendations for current space needs and requests, makes changes to current space allocations, and identifies maintenance and repair needs.  Additionally, the committee reviews and recommends improvements to the College’s Policy and Procedures for the Allocation and Use of Space (1996).

    2022-2023 Advisory Committee for Space & Buildings Membership
    Jessica Li, Associate Dean for Research, Co-Chair
    Jeremy Jones, ITP/Facilities, Co-Chair
    Amanda Brown, Dean's Office
    Kiel Christianson, EPSY
    Sarah McCarthey, C&I
    Michelle Perry, SPED
    Yoon Pak, EPOL
    Jeffry Royce, Facilities Manager
    Chrystalla Mouza, ex officio
    Kelly Fessler, Meeting Coordinator

Advisory to the Academic Associate Deans

  • Academic Programs Committee (undergraduate and graduate)
    The Academic Programs Committee is appointed to serve in an advisory capacity to the dean, and as a liaison between the dean, the academic associate deans, the Committee of Department Executives (CODE), the Graduate College, and the General University Policy Committee for all new programmatic developments at the undergraduate and graduate level.  The committee addresses policy and procedural matters related to the advancement of undergraduate and graduate education in the College. 

    2022-2023 Academic Programs Committee Membership
    Liv Davila, EPOL, Chair
    Emma Mercier, C&I
    Lorenzo Baber, EPOL
    Chad Lane, EPSY
    ​​​​​​​Kary Zarate, SPED
    Elizabeth Coder, EPOL Doctoral Student
    Jessica Li, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Sangeetha Gopalakrishnan, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Nancy Latham, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Karla Moller, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Lori Fuller, Staff
    Heather Zorn, ex officio Awards
    Lori Fuller and Linda Stimpson, Award Staff
  • Undergraduate Honors and Scholarships Committee
    The UHSC committee is charged with ensuring that the most deserving students receive support and recognition. It works with the finance team regarding availability of funds and with the Office of Advancement for information regarding alignment with donor intent. Members review the processes and applications for scholarships for undergraduates and select the recipients; review all web-based and print communications about the scholarship opportunities to ensure accuracy in the stated award criteria, and, in conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate Programs staff, oversee the activities of the College Honors Programs.

    2022-2023 UHSC Membership
    Curtis Mason, EPOL, Chair
    Barbara Hug, C&I
    Asif Wilson, C&I
    Cheryl Light-Shriner, SPED
    Nidia Ruedas-Gracia, EPSY
    ​​​​​​​Amira Al-Mutairi, SAAO
    ​​​​​​​Keri Marion, SAAO
    ​​​​​​​Stacy Clemmons, SAAO
    ​​​​​​​Heather Zorn, Advancement, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​April Carter, Asst Dean OUP, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Kelli Halfman, Staff

Advisory to the Associate Dean for Research

  • College Research Committee
    This committee advises the associate dean for research on research issues and research climate in the college, reflecting the breadth of faculty research interests.  It nurtures the research climate in the college through formal and informal activities and recommends and provides guidance on activities of the Bureau of Educational Research, and reviews and recommends nominations to the dean for college scholars and fellows and Center for Advanced Study (CAS) fellows. CRC has two subcommittees; the subcommittee for awards convenes to oversee the review and recommendation processes related to the annual Hardie Award competitions, and the subcommittee for human subjects and research ethics meets to resolve human subject issues or concerns that may be brought to the attention of the College by campus IRB or the community, and reviews and responds to research ethics issues if/as they arise.

    2022-2023 College Research Committee Membership
    Robb Lindgren, C&I, Co-Chair
    Catherine Corr, SPED
    Monica Gonzalez Ybarra, C&I
    Carolyn Anderson, EPSY
    ​​​​​​​Helen Neville, EPSY
    ​​​​​​​Jarett Lewis, EPSY
    ​​​​​​​Linda Herrera, EPOL
    ​​​​​​​Jennifer Nelson, EPOL
    ​​​​​​​Laura Valderrama, EPSY Doctoral Student
    Jessica Li, ex officio
    ​​​​​​​Donnita Harris, Staff
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