Form Systems Overview


Forms commonly used by College of Education's administrative offices include:

  • WebTools (simple forms and surveys)
  • ATLAS FormBuilder (more complex forms, workflows, and paid event registration forms)
  • Team Dynamix (forms for units already using this ticket system)

Faculty and staff also have access to Qualtrics ( and Microsoft Forms (, Flows, and Power Apps.
If you are interested in using other commercially available form or survey software, you will need to talk to IT Partners ( and the Finance office ( about how you might be able to purchase a license.



About: In addition to WebTools Forms (respondents use Illinois login) and WebTools Surveys (respondents are anonymous), WebTools has several other great tools like Email+ and ShortURL.  These are all provided through the public affairs office of the university at no cost.

Access: Available to all faculty, staff, and students at no cost.  Undergraduate students can be given access to create forms and surveys by a sponsor.

Use cases: This is the best toolset for simple surveys and forms.  Skip-logic is limited to a page-by-page model where the last question on one page can determine to which page the user goes next.  You can have your form send an email to the respondent and/or yourself to be notified of responses, and you can download a spreadsheet of responses at any time.

Support: IT Partners @ Education can provide guidance and support when you are using this system, but you may build your own forms and surveys without consultation.

ATLAS FormBuilder


About: Developed by ATLAS (administrative IT for the College of LAS), and administered by AITS (IT for the System of Universities), this tools is available to College of Education units at no cost.

Access: However, setup is not implicit.  You will need to contact IT Partners @ Education to have a "Form Group" created for your unit.  Access is managed through IT Partners.

Use cases: This form system is complicated.  It is ideal for multi-step workflows (e.g., approval processes), and it integrates with OBFS IPay to allow event registration forms that accept credit card payments.  However, the flexibility comes with complexity, so every step of the process has to be configured.

Support: For administrative units, IT Partners often develops these forms on behalf of the unit, for non-administrative units, we typically provide training and assistance to help you with your forms.

Team Dynamix

TDX is the Tickets and Knowledge Base system you are in right now.  When you click a button to request help, you are using a TDX form.  These forms can have dynamic questions and approval workflows associated with the tickets they create.  However, since these are ticket-based, they are only applicable to units that use the TDX Ticket system.


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