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Having a U of I Box account will allow you to login to Box using your university NetID and password.

To enable your U of I Box account:

  1. Visit https://box.illinois.edu
  2. Click "Sign Up"

  3. Click the "On" button to the right of "U of I Box"


Tech notes: How to verify that a user has a U of I Box account

A. If you have access, you can check account eligibility and status at https://cerebro.techservices.illinois.edu

B. If not, you can go into Box, begin to share a file (you will not need to actually share the file) and search for the user.  Box does not allow @illinois.edu addresses to be used with personal accounts (that is, an account that does not use the university login), so if you can find the user to share with, then they do have a U of I Box account that uses their university credentials.

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