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Information Technology Services has begun migrating users from a on-premised Exchange Email service to the cloud based Office 365 Email service. The contents of this article will walk you through the process and provide steps necessary to setup your Voicemail, re-connect your Outlook mail clients, and re-connect your mobile devices mail client.
This is an overview of the Proofpint Spam Control System for users to be able to control their own personal preferences.
This is a collection of resources when students use Kaltura. It provides directions for using Kaltura Capture, uploading to Canvas, retrieving share links, and many other resources.
Office 365 Outlook is the provider for email services at UIS. This article will walk you through accessing email through a web browser or a mobile device.
Provided directions for when the Creative Cloud Desktop App provides the error “You don’t have access to manage apps”.
This article is an overview and walk through of captioning tools in Kaltura's My Media.
Overview: Live captioning within Zoom Meetings and Webinars come in two options:

Subtitles: these are captions that appear at the bottom of the Zoom window
Live Transcript: full meeting audio converted to transcripts in real time. These are time stamped and tagged with who was speaking.

Note: Only the host of a meeting can initiate live transcriptions. If you are scheduling a meeting that you will not be present for, you should designate an "alternative host" when creating the me
Directions to create a Video Quiz in Kaltura for Canvas.
This is an overview of installation and setup of the AnyConnect VPN client.