COVID-19 Long-Term Equipment Loan

COVID-19 Long-Term Loan Program Has Ended

The COVID-19 laptop and hotspot long-term loan program has successfully completed its objective and we are proud of the positive impact this program made during the pandemic.  As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, and as student's needs evolve, we have decided to conclude this program.  We are incredibly grateful for the support and participation of all those involved.  

Do you still need to electronically recycle your assigned hotspot?

The LTS Support Office has partnered with the Office of Sustainability and will also accept your student assigned hotspot for electronic recycling.  The LTS Support Office is located in Stevenson Hall 111 and student assigned hotspots can be dropped off Monday through Friday from 8am-6pm. 

Benefits to electronically recycling your assigned hotspot include:

  • Electronics can contain toxic and corrosive chemicals that if landfilled improperly, can release lithium, cadmium, sulfuric acid, and lead and other heavy metals into the environment, potentially reaching groundwater and food systems
  • These same materials are also valuable, needed in future electronics production, and can be recycled through an e-recycling program
  • By recycling your electronics, it reduces the need for industry to mine for new materials needed to manufacture new electronics, keeping habitats and communities intact
    • The mining process for many of the raw materials needed in electronics exacerbates health disparities and economic inequalities in environmental justice communities, and endangers ecosystems
  • Materials shortages increase prices of consumer electronics.  Recycling helps reduce materials shortages and provides a steady stream of these materials for new production.
  • It takes far less energy (up to 95% less energy) to recycle metals than it does to extract and produce them
  • Unlike plastic and paper which degrade each time they’re recycled, metals can be recycled indefinitely

What Is It?

Please note, starting on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, data plans for student assigned hotspots will be disconnected due to federal funding no longer available to UIC.  Students are not required to return their assigned Verizon hotspots back to Learning Technology Solutions.  With the hotspots containing electrical components we ask that students with assigned hotspots plan to e-cycle their hotspots at their nearest electronic recycling location or event.  Reminder that as of the Fall 2022 semester, classes are primarily in-person and campus computer labs are open and available for use.

Please note that, as of August 17, 2022, UIC’s federal funding that supported long-term loans of laptops and hotspots is no longer available and this program has closed for new requests. As of the Fall 2022 semester, classes are primarily in-person and campus computer labs are open and available for use. If you are unable to use a computer lab, please contact Learning Technology Solutions ( to discuss potential alternate options.

While classes were being conducted remotely, UIC made available a limited quantity of University-owned laptops and cellular hotspots for temporary loan to students who do not have reliable access to a computer and/or internet at their home.

Other Service Names

COVID Laptop Loan


Returning the Equipment

Once you graduate or if you stop being a UIC student, you are required to return the equipment to the university's LTS Support Office located in Stevenson Hall Room 111. See our hours of operation here. Please note the following:

  • You are responsible for returning the laptop in the same condition that it was received.
  • You must also make sure to keep the original packaging for returns.

Equipment Lost or Stolen

If the laptop or hotspot is lost or stolen, it is your responsibility to report the loss or theft immediately to the UIC Police at (312) 996-2830 and provide Technology Solutions with the case number.

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Students

Where Can I Get It?

At this time, new requests are not being accepted. We apologize for any inconvenience.  As a reminder to students, campus computer labs are open and available for use. If you are unable to use a computer lab, please contact Learning Technology Solutions ( to discuss potential alternate options.

How Do I Use It?

Instructions for use are provided with the distributed equipment.

How Much Does It Cost?

For students in the continental United States, there is no cost for this service.

However, UIC reserves the right to charge fines, suspend access to IT resources (including computer labs, UIC wireless network, etc), and/or prevent class registration and access to transcripts if the laptop/hotspot is not returned or is returned late, or is damaged, lost, or stolen through negligence.

For Students outside the continental U.S. other student financial support programs** may be available to you through:

**Please note, these financial support programs are not managed by Technology Solutions. Contact with any questions.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

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