What Is It?

AVIXA (the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) is a global association for professional audiovisual and information communications that provides industry standards for audiovisual systems along with a certification path for audiovisual professionals.


Member Benefits

  • ​​Educational opportunities, including technical and business courses, both in-person and online
  • Resources such as audiovisual standards documents, market research, and more
  • Access to events, including regional and international trade shows

Who Is Eligible To Use It?

  • Faculty
  • Staff

Where Can I Get It?

Individuals who would like to participate can be added to the institution's membership by selecting the Request Access to AVIXA button located on this page.

How Do I Use It?

Once you have been added to the membership, you can visit avixa.org to review the available resources.

How Much Does It Cost?

This service is funded by the University; there is no direct cost to clients.

How Can I Get Support?

If you are experiencing a problem with this service, please report it. If you just have a question, feel free to ask us.

Service Levels

Service Request Fulfillment Time 5 business days
Incident Resolution Time Under 2 business days unless escalation to the vendor is required
Service Availability 24x7
Maintenance Window(s) None
Service Notification Channel(s) Technology Solutions Service Notices, REACH distribution email list
Request Access to AVIXA


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