A learning management system is a web application that allows the creation, administration, tracking, and delivery of digital content via course sites.

Services (7)

Blackboard Learn

Blackboard is UIC's learning management system for course-related activities and grade reporting.

Blackboard Learn - Change Multiple Course Sites

Merge multiple course sites into a single Blackboard course.

Blackboard Learn - Course Quota Increase

Each course site in Blackboard is restricted to a size limit of 2 GB for course materials. This quota is necessary to properly manage storage resources and ensure adequate system performance. If more storage space is needed, the quota can be increased in 1 GB increments by submitting a request here.

Blackboard Learn - Course Site Copy

Request to copy Blackboard content from one course site to another.

Blackboard Learn - Course Site Template

Request a template to help you start your Blackboard course with built-in best practices in instructional design.

Blackboard Learn - Ongoing Sites

Ongoing Blackboard work sites that are not attached to a Course Reference Number.

Blackboard Learn - Restore Archived Course Site

Request the restoration of a Blackboard course that is more than 3 years old.