How do I run the ADSM Network Backup scheduler on Microsoft Windows?

This page describes how to set up the Tivoli Storage Manager client software on your Windows computer

After you create the scheduler, you should check to make sure it will automatically start when you reboot your computer. Because the scheduler runs as a service, you have to start the Services Administrative Tool to do this.

Move your mouse over to the right side and open up the Search bar, click Settings and type in Services and select View Local Services then right-click on TSM Scheduler then select Properties from the right-click menu.

example results page for services search

where to find TSM client scheduler in list

On the General tab, if the Startup type: is not Automatic, select it from the dropdown list. This will tell Windows to automatically start the TSM Scheduler each time you boot Windows.

local computer general tab screen

On the Recovery tab, select Restart the Service from the dropdown lists for each of the three failures and click OK.

local computer Recovery tab screen

What if the service is not there in the list of services? You might have an out-of-date version of TSM or it might not be configured correctly. Be sure you are running Version 5+ of Tivoli Storage Manager, and follow the instructions for installing the Network Backup Scheduler for Windows.

If TSM runs in a command window for newer Windows, it is clearly set up wrong or is an obsolete version.

How to tell for sure that TSM is running correctly:

Examine file C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient\dsmsched.log and scroll down to the bottom. This log file tells you what is going on.


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