How can I workaround Shibboleth Credentialkey authentication error?

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Clients may sometimes receive an "Invalid Credentialkey" error when attempting to authenticate into a UIC application/service. This document contains instructions and a response template on how to work around this error.

This is a response template to use for clients experiencing the error shown below:

Error Processing Request

Error calling Bluestem.VerifyAuth: Code execution error: Method Bluestem.VerifyAuth returned error: Invalid credentialkey.

This is a common error that occurs especially with Internet Explorer. What's happening is that the browser attempts to log you in twice rather than once, causing an error.

Please ensure to click the Login button only once. Please close your browser, open a new window (or simply open a new tab), attempt to go to the URL again by typing it into the browser address bar and hitting Enter.

If you have another web browser (Firefox or Chrome), using an alternate may also help.


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