What is 2FA Remember Me?

2FA has a Remember Me Function

This feature will allow 2FA to remember if you have authenticated with 2FA in the past 24 hours.  This box defaults to being checked (enabled).  After 24 hours you will be required to authenticate with 2FA again.  If you uncheck the box, you will be required to authenticate with 2FA every time you log into an application that requires 2FA.
Remember me


If accessing Microsoft 365, it utilizes the legacy DUO integration and will require you to authenticate separately and will have its own 7 day remember me option. By default, this is turned off and you would need to check the box to enable the feature.

Legacy Remember me for 2FA authentication
If you are set up to receive an automatic push or phone call and would like to turn on the remember me functionality, you will need to cancel the request and then check the Remember me for 24 hours box.
Legacy Remember me for 2FA authentication with auto call/push

For more information

Visit What is 2-Factor Authentication for more information on how to set up and use 2FA.

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