What is the difference between NetID and Enterprise ID?

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Explains the differences between NetIDs and Enterprise IDs

A NetID and an EnterpriseID are similar and for most people their NetID (for example: ​adabyron) is the same as their EnterpriseID (adabyron​). However, the two passwords associated with them are independent. Some services accept authentication using either a NetID or an EnterpriseID.

NetID Services

  • UIC and U of I web applications
  • my.uic.edu Portal services
  • Establishing an Enterprise ID
  • Blackboard Learn
  • UIC-WiFi internet, email, public computers, and other services

EnterpriseID Services

  • Student and Faculty Self-Service (student registration, records, financial aid and accounts services; faculty teaching and advising services)
  • Employee Self Service (access time-sheets as well as your personal employment and benefits information)
  • Administration Applications (access to UI-Integrate/Banner and related University business, HR, and financial applications)
  • Enterprise Authentication Service (A single sign-on authentication and session management service offered by AITS for many of the University's enterprise systems)


"NESSIE users will no longer need to navigate multiple pages to log in and will be granted direct access to the protected page once both the login ID and password are entered.The NESSIE LOGIN page where employees currently select an authentication method as well as the subsequent login pages will be replaced with a single login page. This page will only support the use of campus NetIDs (most commonly associated with campus specific services)."


**If you are experiencing problems logging into Nessie and it has been a year or more since you have last reset your Technology Solutions common password, you may need to reset it before you can access Nessie.

For instructions and information about resetting your Technology Solutions password, please visit password.uic.edu


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