How do I configure Pharos Popup client on Apple OS X/MacOS?

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The Pharos Popup Client for Apple requires some configuration before use.

Before you install, confirm that ports 515 and 28303 are open on any firewall you are running. Visit the Pharos website to download the Pharos Popup Client for Mac OS X. Double-click on the installer to run it. You may need to authenticate as an administrator to run the installer. Select the volume to install the Popup application and click Install.

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

  1. Open System Preferences and click on the Printers & Scanners icon.
  2. Click the button.
  3. Hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click anywhere on the toolbar. From the popup menu that appears, select Customize Toolbar...
  4. Drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar and close the customization dialog.
  5. Click on the Advanced button in the toolbar.
  6. From the Type popup button, select Pharos Print Server.
  7. Enter values of Device NameDevice URI and Printer Model based on printer.
  8. Click Add. The new Popup queue will now show up in the list of printers.
  9. To print to the new queue, select it from the printer popup button in the print dialog of any application.

Printer details

AA 3510 Canon Copier

Name AA Canon Copier
Device URI popup://
Model Canon iR-ADV C5235

AA 3510 HP Plotter

Name AA 3510 HP T7100 Plotter
Device URI popup://
Model HP DesignJet T7100ps

AA 2306 HP Z3100/Z3200 Plotter

Name AA HP Plotter
Device URI popup:// Solutions-SPOOL-AAHPZ3100-POP
Model HP DesignJet Z3100ps 24in


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