Can a department or college request managed printing services from Technology Solutions?

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Requests for internal managed printing services are currently on hold while Technology Solutions completes the conversion of student printing services to Wepa and evaluates a new financial model for the Pharos U-Print service. We expect to be able to receive and process new requests in late 2020.

Departments can request to partner with the Technology Solutions to implement Pharos Printing Service within their department where the department will obtain the printer and consumables and Technology Solutions will provide the release station hardware (computer, monitor, and peripherals) and Pharos software license.


  1. Email stating the departmental need for managed printing service and include details such as department, location, users, printer model, etc.
  2. The Printing service owner will review the request and respond to the ticket, providing an SLA for review and signature if the request is approved.
  3. Department Head will need to agree to SLA and sign the document.
  4. Technology Solutions will provide the required hardware and will schedule an installation date.
  5. Technology Solutions staff will go on-site, install, and test the release station.


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