How can I print PDF Files from Technology Solutions lab?

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Printing a PDF file can be slow, but here are some general tips to ensure a quick print job:

  1. Save your files to the desktop - always!

  2. Go to file then click print

  3. Adjust the print settings to your needs

  4. Split the job into multiples of 10 - If you are printing 100 pages worth of images, split print job into sets of 10 (ie print pages 1-10, then 11-20, 21-30, etc...)

  5. Go to a U-Print station next to a printer in an Technology Solutions lab. Where can I print using U-Print?

  6. Login to the U-Print station using your Technology Solutions NetID and password, select the job you want to print, and click Print. (Or Delete to cancel the job.)

    NOTE: Your job will be held in the U-Print system for 4 hours or until you login to a U-Print station and either print or delete the job

*If you continue to have trouble, apply these methods:

Open Adobe Acrobat Professional

  • Click 'Print as Image' under the file menu
  • Set DPI to 150 (Default is 300) and apply
  • Now head to the file menu and select Print


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