How can I reduce my printing output?

Explains ways to decrease printing output

Follow these tips to help reduce the amount of output you do generate:

  • Use the built-in spell checker that most applications have to check for spelling errors (and grammar!).
  • Use the print preview option where available to see things such as page breaks, headers, and footers.
  • Don't print your job after every change you make. Work on your document for a while (saving it often!) and print only once for a final proofread.
  • Print only one copy. Shop around for places where making photocopies is cheaper than printing.
  • Print duplex. Jobs printed single-sided cost more than a duplex-printed page and waste more paper.
  • Turn off graphics in web browsers to minimize the number of pages in web output.
  • Print 2-up or 4-up to include even more printed pages on a single sheet of paper.


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