How do I schedule a Webex meeting on behalf of someone else using Microsoft Outlook?

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How to schedule a meeting on someone else’s behalf using Outlook. You, as the scheduler, must also have a host account and have permission to schedule meetings as host in the site of the other host.

  1. From Microsoft Outlook, select File > Open > Other User’s Folder
  2. Click Name and select the host’s name from the address book, then select Calendar from the Folder type drop-down menu, and click OK
  3. Click a date in the host’s calendar, then click Schedule Meeting in the Outlook Ribbon. A new Outlook appointment message appears
  4. Schedule the meeting, entering the meeting information on the Appointment tab and selecting attendees from the Invite Attendees or Scheduling menus
  5. Click Add Webex Meeting. The Webex Settings dialog appears and identifies the host for whom you are scheduling the meeting
  6. Enter and confirm a password for the meeting
  7. Verify that all other meeting options are correct, then click OK to close the dialog
  8. Click Send. The meeting invitation is sent on behalf of the host.       

    Note: you will need to install the Webex App, which will install the Productivity Tools for Outlook, in order to schedule a Webex meeting in Outlook.


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