How do I schedule and start a Webex meeting?

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Options available for scheduling a starting a Webex meeting.

Webex allows you to schedule and start meetings using MS Outlook, Google Calendar, or directly from the UIC Webex Portal

Using MS Outlook

  1. You will need to install the Productivity Tools. Follow these instructions for Windows, and these instructions for Mac OS
  2. Then follow this instructions to learn how to schedule a meeting using Windows, or using Mac OS

Using Google Calendar

Using UIC Webex Portal

1. Go to and click on the Log In link. Use your UIC NetID and password to access the UIC Webex portal.

where to find log in button on webex home screen

2. Click the Meeting Center tab. Under Host a Meeting, click Schedule a Meeting.

where to find schedule a meeting in menu

3. Enter the information requested in the screen.

schedule a meeting screen

Password and Duration are optional. Setting duration is for planning purposes only, the meeting will continue until you end it.

4.Click Schedule Meeting to save the meeting. Your meeting appears now in My Meetings.

Note: If you wish to start the meeting immediately, you can leave the date and time as it appears and click the Start Meeting button instead.

5. To start a meeting you scheduled, click My Meetings, then locate the meeting and click Start.

example my web ex meetings listing


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