How do I create a calendar for a Google Group?

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You can create a new calendar and invite other people to view or edit it. When you create an event, you'll see an option to choose which calendar to add the event to.

Google Groups cannot have calendars of their own, but you can create a sub-calendar in your UIC G Suite account for the group and share that with your group:
  1. Create a Google calendar in your own UIC G Suite Google Calendar for your group.
  2. Then share the calendar with your group; use the group's email address.
  3. Then each member of the group will receive an email message telling them about the calendar; they can subscribe to the calendar.

Please note that Google calendars cannot be embedded calendars in Google Groups. You also don’t have to enter the email addresses of the members of the group individually, just adding the group's email address is enough.

You can enable alarms or notifications of the meeting in the shared calendar. This cannot be done for everyone the calendar is shared with, each person in the group has to do this.

  1. Open Google Calendar.
  2. Click Settings under My calendars on the left.
  3. Click Notifications beside the calendar’s name.
  4. Turn on the types of notifications that you would like to enable.
  5. Click Save, then Back to calendar.


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