How can I schedule a Webex meeting in Microsoft Outlook for the Mac?

The Webex integration to Outlook provides basic options for scheduling a meeting. Some options that appear on your Webex site may not be available in the Webex integration to Outlook. The Webex integration to Outlook does not support all the recurrence options that are available in Microsoft Outlook. In any meeting invitations that you send from Microsoft Outlook, the meeting's start time appears in the time zone that is set on your computer, and may not match the time zone preferences you have set on your Webex site.

1. In Microsoft Outlook, select Schedule Webex Meeting from the Cisco Webex Menu, or Select the "Webex icon" on the Mac menu bar, and select Schedule Webex Meeting.

2. In the Outlook meeting or appointment, specify general meeting information:

A. Type a topic for the meeting in the "Subject" box.

B. In the Start time and End time lists, specify the start and end times for the meeting, respectively.

(Optional) To specify a recurrence pattern for your meeting, select Recurrence, and then select recurrence options.

(Optional) Select Rooms or select Scheduling assistant > Add Rooms to schedule a room.

3. Enter the names or email addresses of those to invite to the meeting in the "To" box.

4. Select Send.

5. Select OK to send the meeting invitation to the people who you have invited.


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