Can I use Webex Meetings for telehealth?

Webex Meetings is approved for use for telehealth, but there are some things to be aware of:


  • Sessions must NOT be recorded, unless the recordings are saved directly to a uUniversity-owned device that is encrypted with a University-approved encryption solution.

Personal Rooms:

  • If using the Webex Personal Room option for telehealth purposes, take the necessary precautions to avoid unintended participants joining. Once your intended participants have joined, lock your meeting to prevent others from joining. Once you are finished with your current participants, you can unlock the room until the next participants join, and then re-lock the meeting. There are two ways to lock your meeting, shown below. To un-lock, simply follow the same steps - the option will change to Unlock Meeting.
    where to find lock meeting opiton

    Lock meeting option in menu


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