How do I use the Webex mobile app?

You can interact with the Cisco Webex Meetings mobile app and other participants in a variety of ways during a meeting.

Change Your Audio Connection Options

Tap the Audio Connections Options menu and choose to:


  • Use Internet for Audio to you use your 3G or 4G data plan unless you're on a Wi-Fi connection. When you join an audio conference that's using Webex Audio or VoIP only, you use wide-band audio.

  • Call Me to enter your phone number. If you enabled Auto Call Me in your app's settings, you receive calls automatically.

  • Call In to enter the call-in number that appears. Tap Global Call-In Numbers to view a list of call-in numbers from other regions.

  • Disconnect Audio to listen to the call.

audio connection options screen

Change Your Video Connection Options

Tap the Video Connections Options menu to choose to use your device's Front or Back camera during the meeting.

video options screen

Mute and Unmute Participants

After connecting your device's audio to the meeting, tap Mute to mute yourself. Tap the icon again to unmute yourself.


To mute a specific participant, tap Participants and on that participant's entry, tap Mute. Tap the icon again to unmute that participant.

To mute all participants, tap Participants > Mute Mute All. To unmute all participants, tap Participants > Mute > Unmute All.

Note: Only the host of a meeting can mute and unmute other participants.

Send Chat Messages

To send a private chat message, tap Participants and then tap your message recipient. Tap Chat, enter your message, and tap Send.

To send a message to all participants, tap Participants and then tap Chat. Enter your message and tap Send.

Tap Back to close the chat window.

Change Participant Roles

To change someone's role in a meeting, tap Participants and then tap the participant who you want to change the role for. Then, tap Make Presenter or Make Host.

If you enable Anyone Can Share when scheduling the meeting, participants can share content at any time. You can't disable this option during the meeting.

annotated mobile view

Record a Meeting

To start a recording, tap the More options panel (three dots) and then tap Record. While you record, you can tap More > Pause to pause the recording, and then More > Resume to continue recording.


When finished recording, tap More > Stop to end recording. After the meeting ends, you receive an email with information about accessing the recording. 

control panel for final steps


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