How can I fix common issues with my Webex meeting?

Troubleshooting for Webex

General Troubleshooting

Cisco provides a good troubleshooting document at: Troubleshoot Your Cisco Webex Meeting.

Network Connection Troubleshooting

If a host or participant is experiencing distorted audio/video/content during a meeting, it is typically a result of a less than optimal network connection.
If a client is experiencing audio problems, and they are connected to audio via your computer, suggest they instead use their phone to connect to audio.
If the client is experiencing problems with video or content, it is often a good idea to have the client ask the other participants (via their audio connection or the Chat function in Webex) whether they are also experiencing problems. If other participants are also experiencing problems, the cause may be a poor network connection for the host/presenter and it may be best for that individual to leave the Webex meeting and re-enter to see if that resolves the problem.
If the client is the only participant experiencing the problems, please have them run the Cisco network test tool.
Getting started screen
Click the Copy Results to Clipboard link in the bottom right, and then if any of the test results aren't green, paste those results into an email to, providing details of when their meeting occurred, where they were connecting from, and who the host was.
Test Results screen


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