How do I locate and share Zoom cloud recordings?

Once you have recorded a Zoom session to the cloud, you can share it with others, or move it to another media platform.

Locate your Cloud Recordings

  1. Click the "Recordings" tab.
  2. Option to search
  3. All your cloud recordings will be displayed.
    NOTE: Cloud recordings also have a rendering period whose duration is dependent on the video's size. If the rendering is not done for a recording, it will show as "processing" next to it and the Share button will not be available yet.

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Share your Cloud Recording

  1. Select a recording you wish to share and click "Share"  on the right. For more information on the default settings for cloud recordings, please see What are the default settings for Zoom Cloud Recordings, and how can I change them?
  2. By default, only those individuals who have a University of Illinois Zoom account will be able to view cloud recordings. You can change it to "Publicly" or "Only authenticated users can view" here.
  3. By default, viewers will not be able to download the recording. You can toggle the ability for users to download.
  4. Turn on password protection if desired. Users will then need to enter a password to access the recording.
  5. The meeting recording information and link will be shown here.
  6. Click "Copy sharing information to clipboard" and paste it into your communications to share with individuals.identifying various share functions on the screen


Save your Cloud Recordings

Zoom Cloud recordings can be downloaded and saved from the Zoom Cloud Recording Dashboard. Downloaded recordings can be saved on your computer or to a cloud media storage solution such as Panopto, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive account. Please note, large video files take up space on your computer so uploading to a cloud storage solution is strongly recommended. Zoom Once Recordings are saved to your Cloud Storage account, it can be shared with participants directly from the account.

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