What are the costs involved related to departmental digital signage?

Cost Overview 

Basic Player License Only: $30 per month for each display. Please contact us for specific details on pricing. 

Estimate cost breakdown of a typical digital signage project

This is only used for your reference, price may vary depending on different factors of your project.

  1. Monitor: ~$1700
  2. PC: ~$650
  3. Mount: ~$100
  4. Power outlet: ~$1000 (varies depending on location)
  5. Network Jack: ~$1000 (varies depending on location)
  6. Installation: ~$1000 (varies depending on who you use)

Total (Approximate): ~$5450 per digital signage unit plus $30 monthly license fee

*If you need special features, please contact us for inquiry. There will be additional cost for the special feature that will be paid directly to the vendor.


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