What is the maximum number of participants in a Webex Meeting?

UIC's Webex Meetings license allows for:

  • 1000 computer/app connections (connecting via Webex mobile app or https://uichicago.webex.com) WebEx Meeting functions available are view, listen, chat, and share.

  • 25 total phone-only call-ins/video connections (connecting via "Join by phone" - does not apply if you use the "Call Me" function or enter your participant ID if you call in)

Note: if you connect to a meeting on a computer, and then call in without using your Attendee ID, you count as two different people, using one of each of those categories. (Example: Upon logging in, it’ll list you with the name you gave on the computer, and then create another entry for “Call In User 1”.) 

We strongly recommend using the “Call Me” function for phone audio, to also avoid making a mistake entering any information.


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