How can I share audio in a Blackboard Collaborate session when using a Mac?

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Audio from a podcast or in conjunction with a video clip can be shared with participants successfully using this information.

What types of audio can be shared

  • Audio being played through a Chrome Tab (e.g. YouTube video, Website video, Online Podcast).

Note: You will not be able to share audio through the Safari browser or by sharing screen or applications on a Mac; Collaborate can only share audio through a Google Chrome tab on these devices. This can limit what you are able to share on a Mac to just browser-based resources.

 ** Please be aware however, that you can open many audio and video files in Chrome by having Chrome open, and selecting the file to open. If you then share that Chrome tab through Blackboard Collaborate, your attendees will be able to hear the audio too.


How to open multi-media files residing on a Mac, in the Chrome browser

1. Open Chrome
2. Go to the Finder and locate the multi-media file you want to share.
3. Press the Control key as you click on the file.
4. Pull down to Open With, then select Other.
where to find open with in dropdown
5. Locate the Chrome application.
6. Click on the pop up menu for Enable and select All Applications.
where to find all applications option
7. Highlight Google Chrome then click the Open button.
Your file will then open in a Chrome tab and will be available to choose when sharing in Collaborate.

How to Share Audio in a Collaborate Session


It is important to note that if wishing to share audio from browser based resources, you have to use the Google Chrome browser as it is currently the only one that has the functionality to share audio through Collaborate (except for microphone). If you are looking to share audio through an application or by sharing screens, you are only able to do this via a Windows PC.

Your attendees can use any browser they like, but it is recommended they use Chrome or Firefox.


  1. Open Google Chrome browser (essential as it will not work on other browsers).
  2. Enter your Blackboard Collaborate room as a Moderator.
  3. Click on the Open Collaborate Panel button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Click on the third, Share content icon at the bottom of the panel to see options for sharing content.
example share button
5. Click on Share Application/Screen.
6. In the window that appears:
7. Select Your Entire Screen or Application Window or Chrome Tab .
8. Click on the thumbnail image you want to share, e.g. screen, application or Chrome tab.
9. Click Share Audio box in the bottom left.
10. Click Share in the bottom right.
where to find share audio button
You will now be sharing your audio as desired, from a webpage, or local video file. 
Note: You are not currently able to share audio from browsers or applications on a mobile device, only the standard microphone audio can be shared.


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