How do I launch my site?

Explains how someone can launch their Red site.

Steps to Launching Your Site

When you feel like you’ve designed and set the proper site hierarchy, reviewed UIC’s web Policy and Requirements, and received permission from your respective College or Office, it’s time to head on over to and proceed as follows:

  • 1. Select “launch my test site” from the contact options
  • identify option in red form
  • 2. Fill out the web-form pop up that is requesting pertinent information.

After you submit the form, the Red team will conduct a final walk-through of your test site, making sure it complies with UIC’s web Policy and Requirements.  You may be required to make certain changes to your site, if it is not in compliance, but don’t worry – they are often minor changes.

If approved, the Red Team will then send a request to Technology Solutions to install a security certificate as well as edit/create a CNAME for your site – this usually takes 3 business days.

Finally, the “red” will be removed from the URL and you will then be notified that your site is live for the world to see!

Do not worry. You can still edit/change/improve your site after it is live, just be aware that once you hit “update” or “publish,” those pages are live to the public.


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