How do I migrate my email to UIC Gmail?

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Step 1. Prepare your email mailbox for migration

  • Log in to your email account at
  • Save any large attachments and remove them from the mail message.
  • Delete any unwanted messages.
  • Important: Place all mail into a folder for easy transfer.

Step 2. Change your email routing to UIC Gmail

A necessary part of moving your email to your UIC Gmail is to change your email routing. Follow the next steps:

where to find set email routing

  • Test by sending an email to yourself at, and verify you have received it in your UIC Gmail at


Step 3. Copy email from your old mailbox to Gmail

If you don’t already have one, download and install an email client for your email account. This guide will use Thunderbird, a free email client for both PC and Mac. This process will outline adding both your Technology Solutions email service and your new UIC Gmail service to a client for easy transfer.

1) Install Thunderbird onto your computer and select Email under Create a new account

create new email account button

2) A box will pop up, prompting you to create a new email address. Click Skip this and use my existing email.

button: skip this and use my existing email

3) Enter your UIC email credentials and then click Continue.

where to enter name, email and password

4) Click Manual config to set up your credentials correctly.

manual config button

5) To add your Webmail account first, change the Server hostname, port, and Authentication to match the screenshot below.

settings for Server hostname and authentication

6) Your email will begin to populate in Thunderbird. While that is populating, click on Local Folders to add your new UIC Gmail account. Click on Email under Create a new account.

local folders email button

7) Follow steps 2-4 again.

8) To add your Gmail account properly, change the Server hostname, port, and Authentication to match the screenshot below.

return to server hostname and authentication settings

9) In Thunderbird, you will now see two different email accounts with the same name. The first account is your old webmail account, and the second will be your new UIC Gmail account.

where to see the email accounts

10) Now that both accounts are in one client, you can easily transfer all of the mail from your Webmail account to your UIC Gmail account. If you haven’t created separate folders, right click on your Webmail inbox and click New Folder. Name your new folder.

where to find new folder

settings to create new folder

11) Drag and drop the desired emails into your new folder.

12) Once your folders are ready for transfer, click and drag the entire folder from your Webmail account into your UIC Gmail account. You will see the entire folder copied.

illustrating how to transfer folder

13) Check your UIC Gmail account at to see the transferred folder.

view of new mail transfer folder location in mail

Note: If you are using another email application as Outlook, Outlook Express, or Apple Mail, see Google's email migration page.

Step 4. Move your email contacts into your UIC Gmail

Regardless of where your email is (Technology Solutions, Gmail, Yahoo), the easiest way to import contacts into Gmail is to export your contacts from your old email client into a comma delimited file, and then import the contents of the comma delimited file into Gmail. Google has instructions on how to import the comma delimited contact file after you create it.

Step 5. Update your mobile email client to receive email from UIC Gmail

In your mobile mail settings, add a new Google account using your address. Follow the directions as indicated on your screen and log in with your UIC credentials.


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