How do I set a Listserv password?

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Listserv uses a different password than the standard NetID password used for other Technology Solutions managed applications.

1). Visit and click Reset your password.

listserv home screen
2).  Enter your full UIC email address, the password you'd like to use to log into Listserv twice and then click Register Password.  NOTE:  For best security practices, this password should be different than the one you use for your NetID.
register password button
3).  You'll receive a confirmation message that the password change request has been received, but that you will need to follow instructions in an email to confirm that the password change request was legitimate. 
confirmation sent message
4). Check your UIC email account and click the link at the beginning of the email to confirm your password change.  After that, you'll be taken to a web page that will indicate your new password has been registered.
listserv command response screen


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