What if I get a Blackboard Collaborate error while uploading and converting a PowerPoint presentation?

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Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool integrated in Blackboard. At times, the upload of a ppt presentation will result in a conversion error. There are several work arounds you could use.

If your webinar is about to start and your PowerPoint presentation is not uploading to Blackboard Collaborate or there is a conversion error you have some options:
1. Try some of the workarounds to help in the conversion process:
Try saving the PPT as PDF and upload one more time.
At times the file conversion system may not be working as expected, in which case it may be best to try uploading slides later.  If the PPT file encounters errors, and if the PDF file you upload encounters errors, chances are the conversion system is temporarily unavailable.  You can test it by downloading our demo PPT file and converting it.  We verified, that this file will successfully convert into Collaborate slides, when the conversion system works correctly: http://bit.ly/DemoPPT
2. Share your desktop with slides, so you do not have to upload or convert the presentation, it is up to you how your presentation will be displayed:
For example, there are two ways to show a PowerPoint:
a. Share your desktop and let participants see your presentation as you run it through the PowerPoint application.
Advantage: Your participants will be able to see all the special effects and transitions in your presentation.
Disadvantage: It’s a little awkward transitioning from your normal view to share the desktop and start PowerPoint.
3. If you still have a few days to the webinar you can email Technology Solutions at LTS@uic.edu with a request to convert the slides for you and please review recommended practices for using Blackboard Collaborate.

In case of problems during the webinar:

1. Check the official status of Blackboard Collaborate at http://status.blackboard.com/
2. If the uploaded slides fail, you can use screen sharing to display slides from your computer.
3. If the video connection fails due to a weak Internet connection, you can conduct the session in audio-only mode.  You can email the PDF version of the PPT to class through Blackboard email system or make the PDF available in the Blackboard course for your students to view while you discuss the material through audio.



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