How can I use Blackboard Collaborate in classrooms for synchronous teaching?

Blackboard Collaborate can be used in classrooms along with a webcam and/or document camera (if applicable). If a classroom has a synchronous supported document camera, you can use it as you normally would and both the meeting participants and students present in class will be able to see the doc cam. You can also share files such as PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDFs, and contents on a browser, as well as sharing your entire screen.

Rooms with synchronous document camera support: 

ARC - 137, 241, 242
GH - 205
LCB B001, LCC C001 LCC C003, LCC C004, LCC C006, LCF F001, LCF F003, LCF F004, LCF F006
SES 138, 201, 230

1. Start Google Chrome and log in to Blackboard:

A. Start Google Chrome by double-clicking on the Google Chrome application icon.
B. Go to Blackboard site (
C. Sign In.

find chrome button
access blackboard URL


2. Launch Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in your Course:

A. Click "My Courses".
B. Select the course you'll be using Blackboard Collaborate.
C. Click "Course Tools".
D. Click "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Find my courses
course tools


3. Join Course Room:

A. Click on your "Course Room"
B. Adjust session settings here - please see link for session settings along with explanations here
C. Click "Join Course Room" to start your session

where to join course room


4. Room Session:

Your course room will open in a new tab

A. You'll need to grant access to the microphone - click "Allow" to grant access.
B. You'll need to grant access to the camera source - click "Allow" to grant camera access.

allow microphone button
allow webcam button

5. Microphone Settings:

Here you can adjust/test your microphone/camera as well as choosing a different input for as your camera - eg. webcam/document camera (if supported). Please refer to the top of the document for rooms with synchronous doc cam support. 

A. Click the arrow button to expand the menu tab.
B. Click the settings icon.
C. Click " Set up your camera and microphone" .
D. Microphone level test - speak to your microphone to test if it's working.
E. Microphone selection.

Please keep in mind that if in-class students ask a question, you might need to repeat the question closer to the webcam microphone so your participants can hear. You will need to remain by the lectern as well.

For rooms with its wireless, lectern mic, and student mics routed to the computer, by choosing that input, you may walk around the room and your zoom participants will still be able to hear you.

Rooms that have the wireless, lectern, and student mics routed to the computer:

  • ARC 137, 241, 242
  • LCC C001 LCC C003, LCC C004, LCC C006

F. Click "Yes. Audio is working." to move on to camera setup. 

where to open settings
multiple audio settings


6. Camera Settings:

A. A live preview of your camera selection will show here.
B. Select your camera input here. If the room has synchronous doc cam support, the doc cam input will be listed here along with the webcam. If it does not, only the webcam will be listed.

Rooms with synchronous document camera support: 

ARC - 137, 241, 242
GH - 205
LCB B001, LCC C001 LCC C003, LCC C004, LCC C006, LCF F001, LCF F003, LCF F004, LCF F006
SES 138, 201, 230

C. Click "Yes. Video is working" to finish your setup. 

find video settings

7. Toggle camera/microphone:

A. Click the camera icon to toggle the camera on/off.
B. A video preview will show. Click "Share Video".
C. Click the microphone icon to toggle the microphone on/off.
D. Camera input view.

share video

enable audio

7. Content Sharing and other settings:

Please view this quick Blackboard Collaborate guide for moderators. Content sharing information is within the guide (share your screen, files - (PDF, PowerPoint presentations, Word), blank whiteboard), applications, etc.) along with other useful key components such as recording and accessing your session.


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