How can I password protect previously scheduled Zoom sessions?

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To add a password, or edit other settings, in a Zoom meeting, follow these steps. The video and the images illustrate the same steps.

IMPORTANT: IF YOU ARE USING THE ZOOM INTEGRATION IN BLACKBOARD, PLEASE UPDATE THE MEETING WITHIN BLACKBOARD.  For direction on how to edit meetings within your learning management system please click here.

1. Log into the Zoom portal,

zoom portal screen

2. Select the Meetings tab

schedule meeting screen

3. Find the meeting you wish to edit, and then select it by clicking on the meeting name

view of meeting entry

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to select "Edit this Meeting"

Screen with Edit this Meeting button

5. Under Meeting Password you can create a password (using letters or numbers) up to 10 characters long

screen to create password

6. Select Save

Save button

7. You will see that the meeting url now has an encrypted password added after the meeting id

Example encrypted URL
You can share the url or meeting invitation with the password in it, just don't post it for the world to see
Example invite content
8. You will need to share the new invitation if you sent it to attendees by email. 

Adding a Password to a Meeting within Blackboard

NOTE: This is required to ensure that the "JOIN" button will update with the new, password containing meeting URL. Adding the password within Blackboard will allow for students to one click join meetings within the Zoom module in your course offering. Instructions on how to add a password within the Zoom LMS integration can be found below:

  1. Login to Blackboard as the Instructor and find the Zoom module.
  2. Find the Meeting instance you wish to edit (add a password to)
    Example screen with zoom meeting list
  3. After you have found the particular meeting you wish to add a password to, click the "Edit this Meeting" button at the bottom of the meeting page.  This button is highlighted  below:
    Example screen with Edit Meeting button
  4.  Add the password by checking the box to the right of "Require meeting password". Enter the password (up to 10 characters) in the blank provided.  After you have added a satisfactory password, click Save.
    Meeting Options screen example
  5. Confirm your new password has been applied.   Also, if your Zoom settings allow to embed the password in the meeting link, notice the meeting link will have changed to include something like: "?pwd=cWo1T1B2c...".  Note: this is not the actual password for your meeting.  This is an encrypted version of your password.
    screen with option to require meeting password
  6. You have now successfully updated your meeting to include password protection


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