How can I Record a Webex Meeting?

Webex meetings can be recorded.

In order to comply with Illinois law, hosts that intend to record a Webex meeting must state that intention in both the meeting invite (e.g. Exchange invite) and at the start of the meeting before they turn on recording.

If you are the host, you can record a meeting from the meeting room window by clicking on the Record icon or by using the Recorder icon. In WBS33 and later, the Record option is located on the control bar.

how to find the record button

The recording panel will display in the bottom right hand corner. You can pause and stop the recording at any time. Use pause unless you want to stop the recording. Stopping and starting again will create multiple recordings.

webex recorder buttons

Webex recorder button

At the end of the meeting the recording is saved as a file. The recording will be available in your Webex portal, under My Recorded Meetings from the Meeting Center tab. It can take up to 1 hour for the recording to be available.

Play or Download a Recorded Event

You can stream or download a recording file, depending on which option the host specifies.

When you play a recording for the first time, your Webex site automatically downloads the Webex Player to your computer.

1 If the host requires that you have a user account to view a recording, sign in to your Webex site.
2 If your site is in Modern View, select Classic View in the left navigation bar.
3 Select the Webex Events tab.
4 On the left navigation bar, select Attend an Event > List of Events.
5 Select View Event Recordings.
6 Do one of the following, as appropriate:
  • Select Playback  for the recording you want to play.

  • Select Download  for the recording you want to download.

7 If playing or downloading the recording requires a password, enter the password that the host gave to you.
8 Select Playback or Download, as appropriate.
9 If viewing the recording requires registration, provide the required information on the form that appears, and then select Submit

The system records meetings as .WRF or .ARF files. You can convert .WRF files to .WMV, or .ARF files to .MP4 using the appropriate Cisco software available here:

Note: If you receive an error when opening a file in the Webex recording player and are prompted to log in, enter for the site URL and any text for username/password, and it will open a separate window to let you log in via single sign-on.


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