How to use Timelee?


Timelee is a timekeeping web application used by student employees in Technology Solutions. Student employees clock in their work hours using this application which allows OVCI HR to process their bi-weekly payroll.  

Table of Contents

Employee Usage 

Administrative Usage

Employee Usage

User Interface

The outward facing interface to general users is fairly straightforward.  The user interface is comprised of five tabs: Clock in/out, Force Timecard, My Timecard, Past Timecards, and Switch Shift. 

Clock In/Out

This tab page will display options to clock in or clock out.  The page will always present you with your current netid, the hostname (if available), IP address, and your current scheduled shift for the current hour specified by the ACCC-CSO schedulers.

All fields are required.  Any user wishing to clock in must fill in the form with the date, time, and location that the user is working.  Time and date elements are filled in automatically with the current time on the server.  When clocking in, your clock-in time must be within ±10 minutes of the current server time.  If you require a different time, you must submit a force timecard request.

Force Timecard

The Force Timecard page is very similar to the clock in/out page.  The key difference is that there are two sets of date and time fields.  By default, these will be set to the current server time.  Take care to ensure the time and dates are correct for your request, especially if you are requesting a time on a different day.

Time restrictions are not checked here, since you may need request hours for other days during the pay period.

My Timecard

The “My Timecard” tab page will display a table of your timecards for the current pay period.  The table will show your netid, start & end datetime, Locations worked, Forced By, and Status of the timecard.  The forced field will only show a supervisor name only if your timecard was modified by a supervisor.

For your convenience, you may also sort the table by clicking on the table headers.

The status can range from the following:

  • Self-Approved – This timecard is automatically approved because it was submitted via the normal clock in/out procedure and passed all other restrictions.
  • Pending – Timecards with this status are awaiting approval or denial from a supervisor.
  • Denied – Timecards that are denied will not be counted toward your hours.
  • Archive – This is a special status made on a case by case basis. Please speak with a supervisor for more details.


Past Timecards

The “Past Timecards” tab page will display past, present, and future pay periods in a table.  Pay periods are traditionally labeled by the pay ID and number followed by the two-digit year.  You may click on each pay period in blue to view your personal timecards for the given pay period.

ID conventions:

  • BW – Bi-weekly paycheck
  • MN – Monthly paycheck


Switch Shift

The “Switch shift” tab will allow you to keep track of all the places you are working throughout the day.  Once you reach your next shift, you should select the corresponding shift(s) and submit.  You should be switching shifts once you arrive at the new location.  The location changes will also be reflected on your timecard.  You do not need to switch shift every hour, if you are staying on the location.

Administrative Usage

General administrative interfaces for timeclock are located under:

The “Staff” Block Timeclock Admin.

Viewing Timecards

Under the Timeclock Admin menu, a supervisor will be able to select any netid who has entered at least one timecard within the current payperiod.  Once selected, you will be brought to a listing of all current timecards.  In addition, a day-by-day breakdown is shown in the second table.  Note that the day-by-day breakdown is comprised of all the timecards the consultant worked on a given day.  If you need to correct a timecard, you will need to find the offending timecard in the first table.

Viewing forced timecards pending approval

To view pending timeclock requests, you must click on the “Timeclock Pending Requests” tab once you have access to the “Timeclock Admin” panel.  From there, you will find a list of current timecards that are pending approval from a supervisor.  You can sort the columns by clicking on the corresponding header that you would like to sort by.  As checks are added, icons will appear within the entry to indicate some possible issue with the timecard.  To approve, deny, or view more details on a specific timecard, just click on the netid.

Approving/Modifying a timecard

To approve or modify an existing timecard, you must navigate to a specific timecard.  This can be done by either clicking the netid on the corresponding time entry when viewing an individual’s timecards or by clicking on the netid displayed within the pending timecards submenu.  Once selected, you will be presented with a screen similar to the above.  This will show the current settings corresponding to this timecard.  A supervisor is free to change values such as the clockin/clockout times, locations, and statues as they see fit.

User comments are also displayed within the timecard.  Supervisors may make comments in the “Supervisor Comments” field.  This comment will ONLY be available to supervisors when viewing the timecard.  The comment will NOT be visible to the individual in question.

Before submitting, you must also verify the status of the timecard.  Anytime a supervisor modifies a timecard, they must select one of the four options (Denied, Pending, Approved by Supervisor, & Archived).

Pressing submit will save any changes made and also log who has made the changes in the “Authorized By” field.


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