How do I update my iOS / iPadOS device to use Modern Authentication for UIC Exchange?

Effective March 1, 2022, the UIC Exchange environment will no longer support the basic authentication methods used by older desktop and mobile applications/devices to access/sync your UIC Exchange email, calendar, and contacts. These apps could include older versions of iOS/OS X Mail, 3rd party Android mail apps, Outlook 2013 or older desktop clients, or other 3rd party mail/calendar applications. If any of your applications are not updated to use modern authentication, you will lose access to those services.

For iOS devices, if you are running iOS 11 or older, you will need to install and use the official Outlook app for iOS - the default iOS Mail app does not support the modern authentication methods that are now required.

If you are running iOS 12 or newer, your Mail and Calendar apps may work, but you will need to delete the current configuration you have saved for UIC, and recreate it. To do this, follow these instructions:

Delete Your Account from iOS Mail

  1. To remove your account, click on Settings.
    • In older versions of iOS, go to Passwords & Accounts, or alternately Accounts & Passwords.
    • In iOS 14+, go to Mail then Accounts
  2. Select the account in question and select Delete Account. 
  3. If you are asked to Confirm, select Delete Account once again.
    • If Delete Account is greyed out or not available, you may first need to deselect all other Apps that are using this data and then try again.
  4. Your account is now removed


Add Your Account to iOS Mail

Once your Mail account has been removed, you may proceed with re-adding your account to iOS. Technology Solutions recommends the use of the official Outlook app for iOS. However, if you are running iOS 12 or newer, you can connect to the UIC Exchange system using the default Mail/Calendar clients on iOS.


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