How can I ensure that my Echo360 presentation is recorded correctly?

If you are live streaming with Echo360, or recording your on campus class sessions, here is a checklist to make sure the session is successful.


  1. Turn on the AV panel by pressing the power button in the upper right corner of the control panel. ( if the panel was still on when you arrived, consider turning it off, and then on again in order to reset any changed settings from a previous user.)

  2. Log on to the lectern computer or connect your own device.

  3. Open your presentation for that class and ensure it is displayed on the lectern monitor and on the projector.

  4. Check to see if the microphone is working and adjust the audio levels as displayed on the AV panel.

  5. Locate the Echo360 device in the equipment rack below the top of the lectern.

    1. Verify that the Echo360 device has an audio signal.

    2. Verify that the Echo360 device is recording. 

  6. Turn off the AV panel at the end of class.(this will reset anything you may have changed, e.g audio mute)


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Tue 9/7/21 12:52 PM
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