What Kind of Acadly Course Can I Set Up?

There are three types of Acadly Courses

  • Acadly with Blackboard and Zoom integration (Acadly Enterprise course): Any course created using the Bb plugin would have both integrations enabled by default. If someone wishes to use the Bb integration but not the Zoom integration, all they have to do is unselect the “this is an online lecture on Acadly” option at the time of lecture/ course schedule creation.
  • Acadly with Zoom integration, but without Blackboard integration (Acadly Pro course): This is useful for cases where, say, the LMS course doesn’t reflect the actual enrollment, or when an instructor simply does not want to use Blackboard at all. I think at least a couple of professors did so last semester. To create a course with just the Zoom integration, instructors can log in to Acadly, tap the + button and select Create a Pro course. They will not hit a paywall here, which used to happen earlier. However, they will be shown information about how to create an Acadly Enterprise course before they proceed with the setup. This prompt is to make sure that professors understand that if they need Bb integration, they should not proceed further and create the course from within Bb instead.
  • Acadly without Blackboard and Zoom integration (Acadly Basic course): To create a course without any integrations, one can log in to Acadly, tap the + button, and select Create a basic course. However, there is no real advantage of using an Acadly Basic course because:
    1. In an Acadly Pro course, using the Zoom integration is optional. It can be turned off at the lecture level, as explained in point.
    2. In Pro courses, apart from the Zoom integration, another benefit is that any exported reports contain students’ email addresses, which can help manually sync data with the Blackboard Grade Center. So it is recommended to create a Pro course, even if one does not use the Zoom integration.

Learning How to Use Acadly

For more information about Acadly and to access quick guides and tutorials, visit the following websites:


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